Weekly Sauna to Detox the Body

Hi Everyone! I have been taking a weekly sauna lately to help me quickly detoxify my system and I highly recommend it! It’s a splendid relaxing experience that feels so good, especially on those cold winter nights I use the one at my gym about once a week, more if I can, and I feel so good after! Before I went to this gym I didn’t have access to a sauna so I would take epsom or baking soda baths which are also great for detox. I recommend doing either or both as our bodies, no matter how healthy you are, are often over taxed and burned with chemicals. I have trouble naturally detoxing (I get the worst hangovers after even one drink) so I know I need one of these to help my system along and my body is always so thankful after. I highly recommend saunas and encourage you to try for yourself!

I’m so busy studying at the moment but I will try to log on again soon and write more! xoxo

– Estelle ?