My Summer Yoga Practice

Hi Everyone! I’ve been practicing a ton of yoga this summer from many different instructors. Sometimes I practice self guided yoga, just moving the way my body feels called to move, other times I go to structured classes with some of my favorite instructors, and my personal favorite, following videos online and practicing in the comfort of my home. If you do a search on Google so many yoga videos come up. It can feel a bit overwhelming at first but I would suggest putting aside one hour to comb through some videos to find an instructor you like. Don’t plan on practicing during that hour so you don’t feel rushed to find a video sooner than later. Once you find a good instructor you can subscribe to their page and be notified every time a new video comes out and watch their old videos to catch up. It’s honestly very similar to a class without having to practice with 30 other sweaty people. 😉

Here is a video I found that I’ve been loving. Give it a try and also try finding an instructor you connect with and watch yourself practice more yoga than you ever have before. Best of all, it’s free!