I’m Estelle – So Pleased to Meet You!

Hello and welcome to my little place on the web! My name is Estelle and I live in Seattle, Washington. I’m 26, a busy naturopathy student, and a dedicated yogini! For my inaugural blog post, I thought I’d write about my adventures with yoga over the last few years and why I decided to name this blog Everyday Yogini. 🙂

I first started practicing yoga when I moved to Seattle for school a few years ago. I was immediately drawn to the physical aspects of the practice – I have always worked to stay in shape and yoga really helped keep my body toned and strong. In those early days, I didn’t appreciate the meditative aspect of yoga all that much. To be completely honest, sometimes the “corpse pose” at the end of class felt like naptime in kindergarten. I was keen to get out and be active!

As time passed, I grew to appreciate and value the meditation more and more. Looking back, I realise that it took time for me to learn how to do it properly. At the start I would always find that my mind wandered to all the things I wanted to do after class. As a result, it never did much for me. However, when I finally learned to let go and sink into the meditation by thinking of nothing, I immediately began appreciating the health benefits. Today, I can enter a meditative state quite quickly and 10 minutes worth of meditation can feel like an eternity when I emerge – which is a sure sign that I am getting much more benefit out of it!

Over the years I have participated in many yoga challenges over month-long periods of even longer. I enjoyed those a lot and so have made yoga an everyday practice – hence the name of my blog, Everyday Yogini! I can’t wait to share more with you about my love of yoga, my naturopathy studies, and my life!

Are you a yogi as well? How often do you practice? Here is a great discussion of how to mediate properly for those who are interested!

Until next time, wishing you health and happiness!

– Estelle 🙂